Bringing Colour Back Into Your Wardrobe - Hannah Checkley | Personal Stylist, Queenstown NZ
Are you addicted to black? Inject some colour into your wardrobe with Hannah Checkley Personal Stylist Colour Analysis consultation.
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Bringing Colour Back Into Your Wardrobe


 Yellow Jersey fashion

A yellow jersey brings vibrancy to your wardrobe

I’m bringing colour back. Bringing an exciting concept of colour and style to Queenstown. How using colour in the right way will enhance your complexion, whiten your teeth and make your eyes sparkle. Side effects: giving you oodles of confidence.

We all love black, I know I know, me too, its just so easy, so simple. Break the habit, overcome your addiction and embrace colour. Don’t go crazy now; lets do this the easy way. Allow me to guide you in the right direction.

Determining your perfect colour pallet is an art, one I have acquired through plenty of training and heaps experience. First I will figure out your neutrals to lay foundations for your new wardrobe. This will give you a fundamental starting point. Then let me drape you in colour, watch your imperfections fade and your skin glow as I hold the perfect accent colours up to your face. You will notice your eyes glisten as we draw closer to discovering which season you can play in.

Obtaining the right knowledge of which colours suit you best enhances your life on not only a physical level, where you actually look your best, but on an emotional level too.

Colour effects how you feel on the inside. Feeling confident in colour will gain more positive responses from others. You will smile more, they will smile back which in turn makes you feel great; which will gain more positive reactions. You can see where I’m going with this. Before long it will snowball into smiles here, winks there and even high fives. (No? just me then!)

To help you get your colour injections right, treat yourself to one of my Colour Analysis consultations. Once I have enlightened you and splashed you with a little colour, I will let you in to the secret life of using a colour fan to make shopping for your new hues simple. Own your very own, personalised little but of the rainbow, perfectly sized to fit discreetly into your purse (or even your pockets gentlemen). Use this fan as a guide to match tones. Whip it out and ensure you are shopping for the right colours.

Trust me, you will soon be looking brilliant wearing colour. High five!

With Style,


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