An evening in conversation with Juliette Hogan - Hannah Checkley | Personal Stylist, Queenstown NZ
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An evening in conversation with Juliette Hogan

 An evening in conversation with Juliette Hogan.


I didn’t know what expect as I walk up to the doors of Angel Divine.

There she was, dressed in her own designs, a black crew neck knit tucked into a beautifully full black midi skirt. Her long jet-black earrings stood out from her pale complexion and her hair in an understated ponytail. Simple and elegant. Her aura lit up the room. Juliette Hogan was every bit the designer I had expected.



Around her was a buzz of models and assistants all dressed equally as wonderfully in Juliette’s collection, all with that signature sophisticated and understated look.


The night progressed from wine and chit-chat whilst moving around the store to get a feel for the garments on offer, to a brilliantly executed casual style interview by Angel Divines owner, designer herself Natalie Newlands.

Juliette seemed relaxed in Natalie’s company, even if she was in front of 30-40 of her biggest fans. She came across as the down to earth women we know her to be with a flash of humour in her answers.



A designer I am not, but in listening intently to Juliette’s story of how she rose so admirably to success left me respecting her every move. Juliette is a role model for all women who want peruse a passion. She proves that with hard work and determination any one can succeed, It’s just a matter of how much you want it.


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